Heroes of every class have their own characteristics and specialties.


Melee attack/High ATK/Come and go like the wind on the battlefield

Give the red lever a pull and let fate decide your hero! Share your awesome new creation on Discord with other Arcadians. It’s that simple and fun!

Governance Token

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000Token Address: Coming soon
$ARCA token is the primary governance token of Legend of Arcadia and serves as an essential in-game reward. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to earn $ARCA tokens. Holders of $ARCA can vote on crucial matters related to the game's community and governance. In the future, the application of $ARCA will be extended to increase its value and utility, making it a sought-after token in the blockchain gaming community. Join us now and earn your $ARCA tokens via Legend of Arcadia!

  • 2023 Q1

    Closed Alpha Test 1.0
    Game balance optimization
    Official website launch
  • 2023 Q2

    Genesis Gacha Ball NFT drop
    Game release on Google Play & App Store
    Closed Alpha Test 2.0
  • 2023 Q3

    LOA Championship Season 1
    More Gacha Ball NFT drops
    Open Beta Test
    LOA full launch
  • 2023 Q4

    LOA Championship Season 2
    Arcadia DAO establishment
    More features & game modes!
  • ANDY


    Solid experience in gaming, finance, and fintech
    Built multiple hit games at Tencent's Lightspeed Studios
    Achieved 20m+ MAU and hundreds of millions of revenue


    10+ years in the gaming industry; 5+ years game development experience
    5+ years in game publishing of card, RPG, and shooting games
    Published multiple hit games topping iOS & Android rankings


    15+ years in game dev., specializing in casual & mid-core genres
    5+ years in blockchain engineering
    Full-stack developer, skilled at network & system deployment, database design, engine optimization, etc.
  • WEI


    15+ years in game dev.; 10m+ USD combined monthly revenue of major games he produced
    Pioneered the concept of action card-based battle
  • ALEX


    3+ years of experience in tokenomics design and crypto & NFT research
    Crypto Research Analyst for family offices and private funds in the past
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